About Us

Women in a black t-shirt with a dog logo on it sits next to a cute cream coloured poodle cross dog with a black and white tuxedo style bandana. They are both smiling.

Puprika Boutique was created in late 2021 when founder, Meygha Shankar, was on a persuit to create south-asian fashion for pets. Being a dog mum herself, she struggled to find outfits for her beloved dog, Sona, for her big fat Indian wedding. She took matters into her own hands, creating bespoke custom apparel for each and every event so that her special fur-baby Sona could be by her side on such a special occasion. The rest is history. Puprika Boutique has since dressed up hundreds of fur-babies, with comfort as a top priority. 

All designs are hand-made to order with love. Our growing Puprika community welcomes you. Enjoy browsing the website and say hi on social media!